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Membership Benefits

Being a member of the Bonsai Society comes with a lot of benefits


The meetings are informative evenings which include Bonsai news, demonstrations, Presentations and constructive critiques as well as friendly local advice and a display of member's trees.

New visitors are more than welcome to attend, so please come along and have a look for yourself.

In addition to the monthly meetings, we also hold social events such as rock hunts, tree digs, an annual auction & bring 'n' buy.


The Society owns a comprehensive library containing an excellent range of Books and Magazines about Bonsai from both Australian and International authors. Members are entitled to borrow four items per month.

Monthly Newsletter

The club produces an informative newsletter each month that contains practical tips on Bonsai care and maintenance, details about upcoming events, as well as updates about the Society and previous meetings.

Annual Exhibition

This takes place over a weekend during the year to promote the art of Bonsai and give the members the opportunity to display their best trees. Demonstrations are run throughout the weekend to show the public how they too, can develop their very own Bonsai. There are also other opportunities for the Society to promote Bonsai at cultural and community events throughout the year.


General workshops are held on a monthly basis (members only), usually on the Sunday following the club meeting, as well as during the year at certain meetings. These give members the opportunity to bring along a tree or two to work on and to receive advice from the more experienced members.


We have a list of nurseries who supply Bonsai materials including pots, soil, tools, wire, as well as a range of Bonsai. The more experienced members of the club are happy to offer advice regarding the most suitable materials and plant stock, as well as where to purchase them.

Beginners Course

The Society holds these courses twice per year to help fast track newcomers into Bonsai and to receive a good grounding in the basics of Bonsai. The course runs over a full day, teaching you everything you need to know about Bonsai.

Come and see for yourself

The Bonsai Society of WA is a friendly club, that aims to improve Bonsai in Western Australia through discussion, guidance and friendship. Visitors are always welcome, and are able to attend a few meetings prior to signing up. So if you are interested, please contact us, come along to a meeting and see for yourself.

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